Recipe Ideas

I love coming up with recipes. In fact, I often don't have on hand all the ingredients needed in order to follow most recipes. I will be including my recipes on this site, most of them healthy, vegetarian fare though occasionally I may include fish or chicken.

As an amateur food detective, I've discovered great pairings where you can't go wrong. Chicken and thyme, for example. Or tomatoes and basil. Garlic works well with most foods.

But here's a discovery I recently made that I'd like to share, along with a story.

A while back, I had a family reunion to attend in Watertown, NY. My wonderful aunt chose a place for us to stay overnight, a bed and breakfast in the nearby town of Dexter. ( The proprietress welcomed us as if we were old friends staying for a visit. The home was cozy, inviting, beautiful decorated. And the food...marvelous. She served blueberry pancakes and gingerbread waffles with real whipped cream. No mixes or canned fluff! This was the real deal, homemade and delicious.

The next weekend, I craved those gingerbread waffles in the worst way. But when I went on (a favorite site of mine), the gingerbread waffle recipes had a million ingredients, most of which I did not have in my pantry or refrigerator. Not to mention that measuring and mixing is too time consuming for a parent with two children in need of attention every two minutes. But the craving lingered, so I wondered if I could short-cut my way to feeding it.

Feeling clever, I purchased a gingerbread cake mix. It took me about one minute to break and egg, add water, and stir. When the waffle iron was hot, I poured the batter in, hoping this wasn't some far-fetched idea based solely on desire.

I'm here to tell you, it worked. They weren't as delicious as the ones at the Dexter 1855 house, but boy, they came in a pretty close second. And my whipped cream was Reddi-Whip, but I forgave myself for my laziness.

I'm going to try other cake mixes, now. See what else I can come up with. Sure, it's like eating cake for breakfast, but why not treat myself once in a while?

Stay tuned for other ideas and recipes.

Oh boy. After thinking about those gingerbread waffles, my mouth is watering. Good thing I froze the extras!


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