Eating on the Run

Yesterday, as I was driving my son to an activity in the morning, I counted three people in cars scarfing down food. Mind you, I wasn't looking into every vehicle whizzing by, I just happened to glance inside a few cars and noticed this trend. I'm sure had I peeked inside every truck cab or behind every steering wheel I might have seen many, many more people gulping down their breakfast sandwiches. But with safety in mind, I kept my eyes (mostly) glued to the road before me.

I have to ask...are people so rushed they need to eat on the run? Is it so difficult to eat a bowl of cereal at home before rushing out the door to work?

Here are my reasons for why we shouldn't be doing this:

1) The most obvious-hello? Not safe! If people think talking on a cell phone contributes to accidents...have you ever tried balancing a greasy hash brown and egg muffin sandwich on the lap while maneuvering through traffic? How about when the hot ketchup-coated pickle falls off the burger onto a white skirt? Ouch! Double jeopardy. Obviously, you're using one hand to hold the food, the other to steer, and desperately trying to keep grease from ruining your tie. How safe can that be? I just gotta ask.

2) The food can't be healthy. Face it, when you're hungry, you'll grab anything, calories be damned! And fast food isn't exactly well-know for its healthy food, no matter how hard the companies try to promote the salads and "lite" fare. Besides, no one I know has lettuce with their coffee.

3) People should sit down and eat with their families. I know, I know. Some people don't have families, for one thing, and even if they do, the members often wake up at various times, and some are hungry right away while others don't want anything until much later. But I'm putting this out there anyways: if you can make eating together a priority, it will make a difference in your family's life. No matter what, you do your children no favors forgoing breakfast at home. Breakfast helps give the brain a jump-start. Be a good model! Show them you need it, too.

So if I passed you this morning stuffing a breakfast burrito down your throat..and you know who you are...I apologize for entreating on your private moment. But know I'm on to you.


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