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I'm amazed how little we know about what we put in our mouths. We freak out if we find a spider in our salad, yet we don't give artificial coloring a thought (hello...some of it's derived from bugs). Our bodies don't always tolerate particular chemicals, especially the ones we can't pronounce, much less digest. Still, we overlook this for taste and color. And to what end?

My goal is to raise public awareness surrounding the foods we eat, starting with my own experiences. If I help even one person make a healthier decision for their lives, I'll be happy.

I grew up in the day where you ate what you wanted, when you wanted, and there weren't rules governing our choices such as "don't eat after seven" or "drink eight glasses of water a day." Not only do I not believe the hype, I intend to debunk these myths.

Follow me on my journey as I delve into the unknown, an amateur food detective.


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