Corn Product Sensitivity

My husband and I recently tried out a new diet plan. The idea is to see what foods our bodies are sensitive to. The book that lays out this information, and has quite compelling arguments, by the way, is The False Fat Diet by Dr. Elson Haas. (

So you know, I am not an endorser, I have never met this man, nor am I recommending his books. Consider me an unbiased opinion in the world of consumerism. I really liked his explanations of how many people have "reactions" to certain foods. Similar to a food sensitivity, a reaction can be something as simple as bloating, or something more serious, such as heartburn. By elimination specific foods from our diet, we can slowly introduce those foods back into our bodies and discover which foods give us the most digestive trouble.

Granted, I only kept up the diet for four days because I was hungry throughout its duration. I used what is called the "Sensitive Seven" diet. (He describes a few different diets one can go on; they vary in strictness.) My husband also went on this diet and both of us saw weight loss immediately, including less bloat. My husband, who swore up and down he never had any problems with food, was surprised at how much trimmer he felt.

Here is the thing: I did not want to stay on the diet. Not only was I hungry, but my cravings for carbs got the better of me. It's a tough transition from white starches and sugar to vegetables and lean protein. I do plan to go back and try again, though, because it really did make a difference in how I felt. I had more energy, I felt less boated, I had no heartburn or that heavy feeling one gets after eating too many carbohydrates. The only problem was the cravings and the hunger.

More about this diet on my sister site:

Anyhow, in the short span of time in which I tried this diet I discovered that I have a sensitivity to corn. I'd wondered about this before, since canola oil has always bothered me. My mother-in-law uses it in everything, and I normally go the olive oil route. Usually after eating dinner at her house, I have gas pains. It makes perfect sense, since I seem to be sensitive to corn. My mother assumes it bothers my stomach because it's a genetically altered food, but I can't prove that as being the case.

Here are some sites dedicated to corn intolerance and allergies:,

I am interested in researching genetically altered foods, such as corn, and hope to find out information pertinent to our health. If you have specific questions regarding this topic, please ask and I will do my best to research and report on my findings.

For now, I will try to find ways to eliminate all corn from my diet and see if that helps me cut back on health issues I've been having.


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