Growing up in the 1970's was a lot different than growing up in 2010. There wasn't a debate on whether high fructose syrup contributed to diabetes, or worries over the statistics of rising childhood obesity. For one thing, no one ever heard of high fructose, and kids didn't have a lot of junk food to choose from.

Oh sure, my sister and I drank soda instead of water, ate potato chips for breakfast if we wanted to, and spent plenty of time in front of the television. But we still managed to remain thin and healthy.

The question

Some would argue that we had great metabolism. Others might say we didn't have cell phones or computers back then, so we spent more time running around outdoors. All of this is true. But what if there's a much larger story behind this mystery? What if what we are putting into our mouths...even the salads and the low-calorie fruit drinks...are messing with our bodies?

What if an innocent sandwich is bringing in toxins that give us migraines, or a piece of cake is driving our stomach to revolt against us? Because for me, I have found both of those to be true. And with a little detective work and some painful experimentation, I have discovered foods that are making me sick, and foods that have packed pounds on my gut and rear end. And they could be doing the same to you, as well.

Follow me as I research and cover topics about the food we grow, produce, and consume. Because I plan to uncover some nasty little secrets corporations don't want you to know.


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