Common Pesticides

Here I will list common pesticides used in the US and throughout the world so you can use your judgment when it comes to eating the foods containing these chemicals.

References: World Health Organization, Cornell University (Pesticide Management Education Program),

Thiabendazole is a fungicide used to control mold, rot, blight and stain. It also treats roundworm in animals and pinworm in humans by preventing worms from growing or multiplying in the body. It is considered "slightly" toxic. You'll find it used on: apples, pears, potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, strawberries, oranges, peaches, cherries...basically food that is stored.

Linuron is an herbicide used to control broadleaf weeds. You'll find it used in the soil of crops such as peas, potatoes, beans, carrots and celery, for example.In most soils, Linuron degrades in 3-4 months. It is considered "slightly" toxic. It's a hazard to shellfish, however, and should not be applied where run-off will affect bodies of water.


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